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We offer assessment and consultation on a range of mental health and disability related issues.

A typical consultation will last 1:30 hrs and explore your personal and family history, education and occupation, mental and physical health history and current difficulties. We will discuss the kind of support you are seeking, make recommendations based on the consultation and provide you with a comprehensive report that you can use to support you to refer onto other agencies, providers or for your GP. 

When appropriate after initial consultation we are able to offer a range of further assessments which may include cognitive or psychometric assessments and screening assessments for particular conditions such as autism. 

We do not provide full autism assessment as NICE recommends that autism assessments are completed in a team based way, but we can support people with autism screening assessments which could help you understand whether it would be helpful for you to go on to have a full autism assessment, and provide advice about how to do this.

Assessment and Consultation: Service
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